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This is my Christmas Present for Kat, my best friend who is currently living way too far away for me. This was what I decided to make her after I discarded the Pokemon Kanto Badge Project (I still can’t look at that thing without getting mad.) 

This project took me a month but I enjoyed it thoroughly - especially since it was the first proper cross stitch I completed. I got the stitching a little wrong (I missed one damn stitch!) but readjusted accordingly - I don’t even think you can tell.

I like the look of the shading for this one but I really hated doing it. There would 3-4 stitches of one brown and then you would another 5-8 stitches of another brown. Rinse and repeat. Constantly. 

Pretty proud of my piece - I think I am a little bit more proud of it than my current Finn and Jake project - only because the way it is shaded is much more impressive. 

Hopefully more posts from this blog in the upcoming weeks (and forever.) 


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